My 30 Day Detox

It’s nothing new. People (girls more than men) struggle with body image issues. I am no different. I am a mother of 2 youngin’s, who never got her 20 year old body back after two pregnancies. I’m not ignorant. I didn’t expect to be a size 2 a week after having my second baby. But I definitely did NOT expect to be 20 pounds over weight. Well, what can I say, I took advantage of being pregnant and those pregnancy cravings just a little bit.

My youngest is now about a year and half. I’m still no where near my weight goal from a year ago. And that’s my fault. I didn’t discipline myself like I should. It’s true, what they say. “A year ago you will be wishing you started today.” I really do wish I had started this health journey a year ago.

So I decided to finally get things straight and take control of my health. I was tired of being sluggish and having NO energy all the time and just flat out feeling horrible about myself physically and mentally. In April I did a 30 Day Detox using Arbonne products. Now if you have never heard of Arbonne products, they aren’t very popular, but they are amazing! They are all natural, gluten free, dairy free, plant based, all the good healthy stuff you can think of. I lost 20 pounds! I was feeling amazing! And even once the detox was over I stuck with my healthy eating there for awhile! But lately, I have kind of “fallen off the wagon.” I haven’t gained much weight back, only a couple of pounds, my I’m heading in the wrong direction that’s for sure. So I’m taking the reigns back and starting on the 30 day detox again.

Let me explain the basic’s of this detox:

  • It’s 2 protein shakes a day (breakfast and lunch. And remember this all natural, gluten free, dairy free, etc)
  • 1 Arbonne detox tea a day
  • 2 Energy fizz stick (these have a ton of B12 in them so you don’t crash from lack of caffeine during the day if you are used to having coffee or soda every day) You put these in your water or your tea and they come in Citrus or pomegranate flavor. They are delicious!
  • Take on Digestion Plus a day. It’s a powder you put in a small glass of water and chug it. Not gonna lie. This stuff is nasty. But it’s a part of the process!
  • For dinner Arbonne give’s you a TON of recipes you can use that are all (again) Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Caffeine free! And they have some delicious recipes! Turkey burger, chipotle shrimp, lemon salmon, and on and on!
  • And lastly, during your 3rd week of the detox, you don’t use the tea, you drink a packet of what is called your 7 Day Cleanse. This is a HUGE part of detoxing! You just put the packet in a 32 oz bottle of water and drink it over a 4-6 hour period.

I know it sounds easy but when you are used to eating JUNK day in and day out it can be kind of tough but it is SO worth it! I’m excited to start my second month of this! I’m going to keep you guys updated with how I’m working, how it’s working, and my results! Wish me luck!

Here is the link to arbonne’s website if you are interested in more of their products!

*By the way, I am in now way form or fashion associated with Arbonne. I am not a rep for Arbonne. I just love their products.*