Scrapbooking 101: Scrapbooking with Paint!

It’s truly amazing what Advil, cold medicine, and lots of rest can do in a day. My favorite part was the REST. I would take that even if I wasn’t sick. The peace and quiet I got today was heavenly. But that is beside the point. I am feeling much better and raring to tell you about my scrapbook adventure from last night!

My mom just had a birthday last week and since she is a scrapbooking enthusiast, I signed us up for a scrapbooking 101 class at Michael’s! Just something we could do mother daughter that I knew she would love. She has tried for YEARS to get me into scrapbooking too but as a teenager I was just not interested. I had “more important” things to do. Like going to bon fires and sleeping until noon. Ah, those were the days.

Recently, however, after having kids and a family of my own, I have started to think that scrapbooking might be something cool I could do that will give my kiddo’s something to look back on old memories. I know even though I never really got into scrapbooking, I always enjoyed looking at my mom’s albums from birthdays, vacations, holiday, etc.

So I guess you could say last night was my step “101” into scrapbooking. This class was interesting because it included Acrylic paint in the process. I have NEVER heard of using PAINT for scrapbooking. But it actually turned out pretty cool. Here is a picture of the end product. I’ll tell you step by step how we did it. (Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been a professional photographer. Not even close. So excuse the amateur quality of these pictures.)

scrapbook 3

Let me tell you it was SUPER easy and turned out looking pretty neat! My theme was Baby girl 1st birthday so most of my colors were pink. You can pick your embellishments and colors based on what theme you are wanting to do.

Things you will need:
3-4  12×12 card stock paper
white acrylic paint
Any color acrylic pain that will go with your theme
Any color ink pad that will go with your theme. Michael’s had special ink pads just for scrapbooking that wouldn’t hurt your photos if any got on them.
Adhesives for you pictures and embellishments. I used the E-Z runner for my pictures, which is a safe adhesives for your photos and goes on really easy. I used pop up glue dots for my embellishments.
Scissors or cutting boards
Any embellishments that you want to use for your theme (I used floral embellishments and rhinestones)

Step 1:
Pick the two pieces of paper you want to be your two “foundation pages”. We did a two page spread. If you only want to do one page, you will one need one piece of the card stock. On each piece of paper, take white acrylic paint and paint all over it, however you want to. You will want to make sure the paint is smooth so the pictures stick easier. I basically painted up and down the page cover the middle, then side to side so I covered a little more space. Next you will want to take the paint color that will go with your theme. Put a little on a plate and add a little bit of water. You don’t want to water it down completely. Just enough to take some of the thickness out of it. Dab your paint brush in the paint, then over your paper, tap the brush on the side of your hand. It should create a splatter like look on your page. It will look something like this:

Scrapbook 1

You can do as little or as much as you want. Whatever your heart desires. It’s your page!
Once you are done with the paint, you can use a hair dryer for it to dry faster or just let it sit out for a little bit.

Step 2:
Next you will want to “mat your pictures”. Basically you are just putting a piece of paper behind your picture to make a matted look. You will want to use a color paper that is not the same as your foundation page but goes with your theme. I used a darker pink than my foundation page. A big thing I learned at this class was NORMALLY your mats are 1/4th of an inch bigger than the pictures. My pictures were all 4X6 so easy enough, I cut my mats to 4 1/4X 6 1/4 inches. I’m not a math person but that was easy enough for me. Use your pictures safe adhesives to stick your pictures to your mat then rearrange the pictures on your foundation page however you like. It’s normally 4-6 pictures for a two page spread. I used 4. 2 per page. Use the safe adhesive to mount the matted pictures to your foundation page

scrapbook 2


Step 3:
Embellishments!! This was my favorite part. Whatever embellishments you picked, arrange them on your page however you want. This may take a couple of tries before you get something you really love. This step took me the longest but that’s because I had to try like 7 different designs before I found something I really loved. I had floral embellishments and rhinestones. I used pop up glue dots to stick the floral embellishments to the page.

And there you have it! A pretty scrapbook page with PAINT! Now I will admit, the paint background is really really cute, but it is not something I will be using MUCH. I like my pages to look a little more organized. But now I can say this scrapbook page background was done with paint. And I think it definitely turned out better than I thought. And as I said before, it was SUPER easy.

So let me know what you think! Or if you have any other tips and trick for a newbie scrapbooker, leave it in the comments!