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My prayer for this post is that God will use my words to further His Kingdom and bring glory only to Him.

Isaiah 26:9 My soul yearns for You in the night. In the morning my spirit longs for You.

Yearning: to have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from. 

I get home from a full day of work, I fix my 5 and 3 year old dinner, have 5 minutes to eat my dinner, give them their bath, get them in bed and after 45 minutes of stories and songs, the kids are finally asleep and I have peace and quiet. The only thing I want to do is plop on the couch and binge watch some new show on netflix or hop in a hot bath before bed. Hmmm. Finally some ME time….But….
Halfway through getting the kids in bed all I can think about is relaxing once they are asleep….But….
Something is tugging at my heart. Tugging HARD.
See this morning I woke up late and was barely able to get out of the house to get to work on time…ish. And I missed something very important. THE most important thing….My quiet time alone with my Heavenly Father. I just thought “Oh I’ll take a few minutes once I get to my desk and read a few scriptures.” But of course, I get to work and I immediately get swept up in the busyness of the day. All day I’m running around focusing on task after task, but I feel this emptiness inside. I feel a slight thirst for time with my God that grows throughout the day.
By the end of my crazy day, that thirst, that desire has my heart hurting. I MISSED my bible time so much my heart was YEARNING for God.

You see, when we are SEPARATED (see definition of “yearning above”) from our Lord, even for a little while, our soul will YEARN for Him. Our hearts NEED Him. And I don’t believe this is just all some crazy emotion.

That yearning we feel is God calling us to Him. It’s Him reminding us that we need him. You see, our God, King of Kings, WANTS to spend time with US. (This just blows my mind every time). But he does! He desires for us to know Him and he will nudge us over and over until He is flat out banging on the door of our hearts for us to let Him in. For us to sit down and just spend time focused on His word.

And you remember that peace and quiet I wanted? Well to find that ultimate perfect peace, I have to let the Lord fill my mind, heart and soul. Then and only then will I truly have PEACE and quiet. 🙂


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