The Quiet Whisper of Change

Change. Not a big eloquent word. But a word packed with so much meaning. To some people, change is something beautiful and exciting. Full of promise and possibilities. For others, change is scary, full of uncertainty.

It can mean something completely different at different times and seasons in our lives. The birth of a new baby, that big promotion at work, that unexpected amazing person that walks in and literally changes everything. A season of happiness and joy.

Change can also be the loss of a job, an unexpected sickness, or that one amazing person walking out and literally changing everything. A season of fear and sadness.

No matter what season you are in and how you see change at this moment, it can be completely overwhelming. In the overwhelming-ness of it all, what we don’t seem to realize is that change is never a quick event. We seem to be so caught up in the here and now and what is right in front of us, we miss the big picture. We never see a change until it’s in our here and now and it’s affecting where our focus is. We need to take a step back and quit hyper focusing on one area of our lives.

“Change is a whisper. It’s a season. It’s slow and quiet and not very dramatic.”

Sometimes we lie to ourselves. We block out all the signs that change is coming, or is happening. We don’t face it until we are forced to. Then when we finally come face to face with change, we question how. We question why.

Sometimes we look for change in the wrong places. We focus on only the things we can control. Change is inevitable and completely out of our hands. We only have a say in how we handle it.

Our world changes daily. Hourly. Every second. We have no control of what goes on around us. It’s utterly terrifying. And at times it’s thrilling. It can breathe hope into a seemingly hopeless situation.

I guess all I’m trying to say in all of this is,:we can’t change change. We can only change how we prepare for it and how we handle it. Know that every season has an ending. At the end of every storm the sun shines brighter than before. And for the sake of being cliche, see the big picture. This is life is so much bigger than me or you.


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